Abortion and 2008

Justin Taylor has a well-thought-through post on weighing pro-life options in the 2008 election. There’s a good chance we could have 2 pro-choice candidates: Guiliani and Clinton. If that happens, pro-lifers will have to decide whether to vote for a pro-choice candidate or vote for a third-party candidate, which would virtually guarantee a Clinton presidency.

I’ve previously thought I would never vote for a pro-choice candidate, and I’m also not excited about Guiliani because he seems to be just as much of a moral reprobate as Clinton the First. But Justin has some good points: Guiliani seems to be likely to appoint solid Supreme Court justices, and 8 years of Hillary Clinton would almost certainly be worse for the unborn, not to mention who she would appoint to the Court.

Yet another consideration: a defeat next year could lead to a genuine conservative resurgence among the Republicans, something like the one under Reagan. Of course, that might be worth it from a political standpoint, but it’s not worth the lives of millions of unborn children. This might turn out to be a case where you’d love to get the TD, but have to take the field goal.

Or they could nominate Huckabee and everything might be just fine.


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