Spiffin’ the Place Up

You’ve probably noticed I have tunes now. Like it? I do. It’s a nice surprise every time I check to see how something looks. And if you’re me, almost every song is one of your favorites, so it’s quite a treat. It makes it a little more like you’ve stepped into my world. And some songs mention weed, which might tick off some people, but hey, that’s how we roll here at Wiser Time. I mean, we don’t smoke weed, but… never mind.

Regarding the whole post-a-day-in-November thing, my inspiration Annie has a proviso I’m going to adopt as well.


2 thoughts on “Spiffin’ the Place Up

  1. Dan was the inspiration for the whole music thing. I’d been wondering how I could pull that off, then found out he had it on his blog. Brilliant.

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