In What Messed-Up Universe…?

Suppose we have a Ping-Pong tournament at RTS. As we approach the finals, the rankings look like this:

1. Ted
2. Matt
3. Tyler
4. Carlton
5. Sean
6. David
7. Jake

But then, right before the tournament starts, Ted & Matt get beat by a couple of randoms. The whole school is abuzz. Now Tyler & Carlton (#s 3 & 4) will play for the championship, right?

Well, not quite. Tyler, #3, does indeed move up to #1. But instead of moving Carlton to the #2 slot, the organizers actually look all the way down to me. In fact, Carlton moves down a spot, because I played in another match and beat somebody who wasn’t a contender for the finals in the first place. So I hop over several people and play Tyler for the championship, while Carlton is sent to New Orleans to play some high school kid who’s beat a bunch of other high school kids.

In what messed-up universe would this be thought normal?


2 thoughts on “In What Messed-Up Universe…?

  1. Good point. In reality I don’t belong on the list, but it sort of brought things home for non-RTS readers. Dave probably should have been one of the teams I jumped over to play in the championship.

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