We all know Wikipedia, our generation’s Britannica and a relatively productive timewaster. (Did you know that at the 1980 Republican convention Ronald Reagan came close to nominating former President Gerald Ford as his vice-presidential running mate? I didn’t. Until last week.) But you may not know about another great resource: Theopedia.

Built on the same model as Wikipedia, Theopedia is “an encyclopedia of biblical Christianity.” What is hyper-Calvinism? Who is Wayne Grudem? What do we mean when we say the Bible is inerrant? You can get a quick answer to these kinds of questions on Theopedia. It’s in progress, and some articles are better than others, but I haven’t seen anything out-and-out wrong in the articles I’ve looked at. When you find yourself needing a 30,000-foot overview of something theological, this is a good bookmark to have.


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