Jesus and Sheep

From Mark Driscoll’s new book Vintage Jesus: Timeless Answers to Timely Questions. Driscoll’s talking about the Jesus he learned about in Sunday School as a kid:

Worse still, this weird Jesus seemed to really like sheep. I never saw a picture of him with a baseball glove or with other kids, but I did see him with a lot of sheep. Sometimes they even made us glue cotton balls to construction paper in an effort to make our own sheep so that we could apparently be as weird as Jesus. In short, Jesus seemed downright freakish, definitely not the kind of guy you’d want on your baseball team because he’d never have the guts to slide hard into second to break up a double play or throw inside to a batter to back him off the plate. Rather, he’d prefer to pick flowers in the outfield and daydream about fluffy sheep while praying for his enemies and keeping his emotions under control.

Full review later in the week.


One thought on “Jesus and Sheep

  1. That’s got to be my favorite quote from Driscoll yet… and so true – I remember my Trinity Children’s days all too well – flannel boards and everything.

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