Sorry for the absence. Things happen, you know. I’m back.

Political stuff, feel free to skip
I didn’t watch election returns last night; I’m happy to say I hung out with real people. But this morning I was thinking “Obama probably won everything, and Clinton has probably already talked about how she’ll fight on. So I planned to come in today and write, “Seriously, the Clintons have jumped the shark. It’s over. The ship has sunk.”

Not quite. My bad, Hillary. You probably still can’t win, but carry on.

In other news, Huckabee finally dropped out. I don’t think he did himself or anybody else any favors by languishing this long. But I am glad that I won’t have to read any more AP stories about how every evangelical in the world voted for him (because we’re all so much alike). Can the next overtly Christian candidate please be a principled conservative who articulates those principles well? And can he please not say things like “I’m in the miracle business, not the math business”?

Other observations
Paul McCartney was in the Beatles. For whom he wrote the song “Hey Jude.” Then he was in Wings. What happened there?

You’re about to notice some book reviews, including several from Crossway. This is a great publisher. I don’t know how they do it, but it seems like everything they put out gets bumped to the top of my list. I think what I really like is that they put out really solid stuff that’s not just for pastors. Which, as I’ve noted before, is hard to come by.

We have Life Group tonight. This is one of my favorite things in life. This spring we’re sharing “life stories”– every time we meet somebody tells the story of their life, with emphasis on how God has moved to bring them to where they are now. These are not all rosy, but they always end with us being amazed at God’s goodness to us.


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