Pray for Cohen McGowan

Some friends of friends of ours just had their second son, Cohen. While still in the womb Cohen was diagnosed with a fatal condition called thanatophoric dysplasia. He was not expected to be born alive, much less live any longer. By God’s grace, not only did he live, but he’s been breathing on his own for almost 24 hours!

From the McGowans’ blog:

Chris and Emily just met with the geneticist, genetic counselor and her OB. They just came out to the waiting room and shared the following with us all, “We need a nursery!” Praise God, Praise God, Praise God!

All of the x-rays and tests still show the same “fatal” rib condition, but the doctors are amazed that he is surviving on his own. The geneticist told them to make an appointment with him in MAY!

Please pray that God will astound everyone and give Cohen a long, healthy life.


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