Politics… It’s a Drag

That was a Ben Harper reference. You won’t find that many people on the web who slide effortlessly from Ben Harper to in-depth political analysis.* All part of the Wiser Time experience.

*OK, not really very in-depth.

Anyway, just a few quick thoughts.

  • Are the Clintons serious? I no longer think I was premature in declaring them shark-jumpers. They keep floating the idea of a Clinton/Obama ticket, and I’ll let you guess who they have in the top slot. Hmmm… that’s the kind of thing you say when you’re actually winning the race. These people’s sense of entitlement to power is amazing. You almost have to admire the chutzpah involved.
  • Others have pointed this out, but Hillary’s 3 AM ad is a great ad for McCain until she shows up at the very end. “Knows the military”? “Tested and ready to lead in a dangerous world”? Seriously. A botched attempt at socializing health care and 20 years of hosting formal dinners. These are her qualifications.
  • There are some solid conservative names being thrown out for McCain’s VP slot. He’s not known for his love of conservatives, but maybe he’ll throw us a bone. The challenge will be to get somebody who’s not a more interesting personality than he is. Because let’s face it: personality is not his strong suit.

OK, thanks for your patience. I’m now removing my pundit hat, and we can talk about more fun stuff.


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