Listen Up!

Tomorrow morning (Wednesday), your humble correspondent will be appearing as a member of the “Average Joe’s” panel for Charlotte Talks, a local show on our NPR station. Every month they have four people from the community on to talk about all kinds of things. Some of the potential topics for tomorrow include the war (of course), evolution vs. Intelligent Design, education, and religion. I don’t know anything about my fellow panelists other than what’s on the program’s website, so we’ll see.

If you’re in the Queen City, you can hear the show on 90.7 FM at both 9 AM and 9 PM. They’re doing a fundraising drive, so during the morning show they’ll cut away a couple of times, but the “uncut” version will air at 9 PM. For those outside Charlotte, you can listen live online, or check their archive later in the week.

Pray for me! The producers know that I’m a seminary grad, work at said seminary, and am preparing to be a missionary, and several of the topics have a spiritual angle (doesn’t everything!). So I have a feeling my Christian worldview will come up. My goal is to speak persuasively, but also kindly and winsomely, and maybe even mess with some stereotypes many NPR listeners might have about Christian conservatives. Above all, please pray for me that my words and attitude will honor Christ and draw attention to him and the Gospel.


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