2 thoughts on “Yesterday’s Charlotte Talks

  1. I am not surprised that they challenged you on your point about the false accusations toward the government (giving AIDS to blacks and getting them addicted to drugs). I was impressed with your composure because I’m sure that was a tense few minutes where you’re wondering what’s going to be said about you based on your ethnicity…
    Good answer also about McCain and his relationship to conservatism… agree with you wholeheartedly.
    Oh, and putting the responsibility for education on the government (rather than parents) is a problem and I hear about the effects of it every day from Joanna.
    nice job!

  2. Man, I listened to the show but didn’t start until he was introducing the other two guys so I didn’t know it was you! I only listened to the first 20 minutes but was very impressed with how you composed yourself! Can’t wait to finish it now knowing it was you.


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