New! Audio Resources

In case anyone is interested (hi Mom!), I’ve uploaded various sermons, Sunday School lessons, and the like from my very brief and limited ministry. What I have is listed below, and I’ll let you know when I add to it.

To download any of these, just right-click and select “Save Target As”.


Sunday School lessons
From the class Behind the Music: The History and Theology of Worship Music

From a class I’m currently teaching, Behold the Lamb of God: Christ in the Old Testament

Hopefully most of the Behold the Lamb series will be recorded, and soon I should have the recordings from the men’s retreat I did in January. Disclaimer: These aren’t cleaned up, remastered, etc, so there are occasional awkward moments, like pauses while I look for a text or questions you can’t hear, but you might find the content interesting.



  1. Wow… it sure would be great if this blog was organized into… I don’t know… categories or something so that I could access all the posts of one genre uber easily.

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