New! Audio Resources

In case anyone is interested (hi Mom!), I’ve uploaded various sermons, Sunday School lessons, and the like from my very brief and limited ministry. What I have is listed below, and I’ll let you know when I add to it.

To download any of these, just right-click and select “Save Target As”.


Sunday School lessons
From the class Behind the Music: The History and Theology of Worship Music

From a class I’m currently teaching, Behold the Lamb of God: Christ in the Old Testament

Hopefully most of the Behold the Lamb series will be recorded, and soon I should have the recordings from the men’s retreat I did in January. Disclaimer: These aren’t cleaned up, remastered, etc, so there are occasional awkward moments, like pauses while I look for a text or questions you can’t hear, but you might find the content interesting.


One thought on “New! Audio Resources

  1. Wow… it sure would be great if this blog was organized into… I don’t know… categories or something so that I could access all the posts of one genre uber easily.

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