A Brief Rant

[The pastor of a young church near Yale University] assured the congregation that not all Christians believe in young-earth creationism, speak in a southern accent, or forbid fornication lest it lead to dancing. (Hansen, Young, Restless, Reformed, 58.)

Yeah, that’s real cute. It’s also kind of insulting.

You know what? I do believe in young-earth creationism. Because I think it’s what the Bible teaches. It’s fine if you disagree because you honestly think the Bible teaches something else. Can you please just not make fun of what I believe so you can look cool in front of nonbelievers?

You know what else? I have a Southern accent. I don’t think it makes me an idiot. I’m sorry if you do. I think it just means I grew up in Georgia. And I’m OK with that.

I know the guy’s just being funny, and from the rest of the paragraph it seems like I’d like him a lot. But he’s lumping in a legitimate theological difference and a simple cultural difference with legalism, which is a very bad thing. Then he’s putting them all together in a caricature of Christianity that he thinks he’s transcended. That’s just not playing nice. Especially if a Southerner who believes in young-earth creationism happens to hear about your joke.


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