An Evening With

Update: we recorded the last 2 songs. The quality’s not great, but you can hear us. Keep in mind these were the last two tunes and we were pretty delirious, so there’s a little silliness. Right-click & save as.

Saturday night Jessica Forbes and I did a set in the bar at the Czech Inn, a hostel run by one of the missionary families in Prague. To rip off my boy Duane (who I’ve recently learned is using hair product, which we’ll discuss when I get back), here’s the set list, more or less:

  • Loving You Is Sweeter than Ever (in the style of Susan Tedeschi)
  • Old Old Woodstock (Van Morrison)
  • Waiting for You (Ben Harper)
  • (Jess solo) Angel From Montgomery (Susan Tedeschi)
  • (Jess solo) Hush (Waterdeep)
  • (Jake solo) Magic Rooster Blues (Black Crowes)
  • (Jake solo) Boomer’s Story (Black Crowes)
  • Don’t Think Twice (Bob Dylan)
  • I Shall Be Released –> Amazing Grace –> I Shall Be Released (ripped off from the Happenin’)
  • (Jess solo) Orphan Girl (Gillian Welch)
  • (Jess solo) Sunday Morning
  • (Jake solo) Fool for a Lonesome Train (Ben Harper)
  • Falling Slowly (from the motion picture Once)
  • Will the Circle Be Unbroken –> I’ll Fly Away
  • Melissa (Allman Brothers)
  • Me and Bobby McGee (Janis Joplin)

5 thoughts on “An Evening With

  1. I don’t think I should lose street cred
    When I am using hair product in my goatee….
    Lets be honest…thats pretty boss!!

  2. “Angel From Montgomery” is actually by John Prine….but who’s heard the John Prine version…right???

    Susan does the best cover ….
    Bonnie Raitt does a pretty rad cover as well

    I guess thats kinda like saying….
    Jeff Buckley didn’t write “Hallelujah” it was actually Leonard Cohen…
    No one cares….Jeff Buckley ruled the song…so now it’s Jeff Buckleys song…

    Also reminiscent of “All Along the Watchtower”….Even Dylan calls that a Hendrix song!!

    I find that humorous….

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