Friendly Atheist

I’ve started reading a blog called Friendly Atheist by Hemant Mehta. Sometimes I’m frustrated by the posts and/or comments, but there are several reasons I’m keeping it in the reader.

  1. The guy’s a good writer and he has interesting things to say.
  2. It’s good to challenge my own thinking and see how I would respond to what non-Christians might say.
  3. It’s good for me to see how Christians are perceived by people who (generally) don’t like us. Some of the negative things they say about us will be true, and I can try to work on those in my life. Some won’t be true, but knowing they perceive us that way can help me know what to work on too.
  4. It’s a chance to interact with people (although not as good as face to face), and hopefully I can have a shot at being a friendly, thinking, generally winsome Christian.
  5. Some of the things he posts I totally agree with. The kitsch evangelicals can come up with is unbelievable.
  6. When the author or a commenter says something that really ticks me off, it’s a good chance to take a deep breath and not respond sinfully-and remind myself that it’s not my job to always get the last word.

As I write this I’m thinking some of it sounds arrogant. (And I’m realizing Hemant might find this link and read this. So if you do, Hemant, hi, and I don’t mean to be arrogant.) But deliberately reading stuff from a non-sympathetic source is, I think, a good exercise, both as a reality check and as an opportunity to confront and fight your own weak spots.


One thought on “Friendly Atheist

  1. Hi Jake! None of that sounds arrogant. You make good points. I try not to make cheap attacks on faith, though I know that does seep through. I’m working on that. If I criticize religion, I’d prefer it to be criticism that even many Christians would agree with :)

    Thanks for the posting. It’s good to know that someone who may disagree with me on fundamental issues is still able to get something out of my site (and vice versa).

    — Hemant

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