About 5 people will be interested in this post.

This is one of the best days of my life. I’m only half kidding.

I’m sitting in a training workshop for Bibleworks 7. Bibleworks is the exegetical software that RTS professors recommend. Since I sell it at the bookstore, and since I want to get my money’s worth out of the program, and since I want to be a scholar and all that, I registered for this training session. Yes, nerd-fest. And I’m the most excited one here. Here are some of the things I’ve learned I can do.

  • Display ready-made synopses that put all the narrations of, say, the Transfiguration side by side.
  • Download free modules that have things like Calvin’s commentaries, images of NT manuscripts
  • Set text color options to show all the differences in 2 translations– for example, the King James and New King James.
  • Find and create sentence diagrams of the entire Greek NT
  • Easily make custom maps, which we haven’t even talked about yet.

People keep looking at me because the guy shows something that freakin’ blows my mind and I say something like “Stop it. You’ve got to be kidding.” So yes, I’m a dork. But I’m a dork with an incredible research tool.


5 thoughts on “About 5 people will be interested in this post.

  1. This is the program that Asbury recommends for all students and also has on all the computers in the library. I used it for my NT exegesis course and will definitely be using it this summer as I study Hebrew! I haven’t learned all the ins and outs yet, but I can do basic word studies and such! I like it, though it’s complicated!

  2. You may be a super nerd, I won’t deny, but I figure that’s better than collecting every Star Wars action figure ever made. Perspective, right?

  3. Count me as one of the five interested! Pics of NT manuscripts, differences b/w translations – wow!!! I think I may have to upgrade…

    It’s good to be a nerd.

  4. Jake, do they make this for Macs? How does it compare to Logos? I’ve been looking forward to it’s release to Macs… Hey and by the way get the heck back over here to Prague!

  5. And then there were five . . .
    Any chance you will post some of these helps so we can learn from the greatness that is “Jake Hunt.” I always enjoy learning from those more nerdy than myself. Keep up the great work master and thanks for letting me sit at your feet. Seriously, keep up the great book reviews.

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