My First Republican Primary

I and 137,085 other people sent a message to the Republican Party yesterday: We’re not pleased. When 27% of people don’t vote for the guaranteed winner, it’s kind of a big deal.

Actually, I guess 40,275 people’s message was “Fruitcake president? Where do we sign up?!”

And the guy you really have to feel sorry for: Alan Keyes (who I didn’t know was running in any sense). About 6700 more votes for “No Preference” than for you. Given the choice between you and “I don’t care,” more people chose “I don’t care.” Although I guess 3% is a pretty good showing for not even running.


2 thoughts on “My First Republican Primary

  1. yep – don’t know what I’ll do on May 20 when our primary rolls around. would’ve loved Huckabee, but didn’t ever really expect him to do as well as he did. out of the three left, I will vote for McCain, but in the primary should I “send a message” like you (will it make any difference), or just resign myself to the way things are at the moment?

  2. I think the difference it makes is that it demonstrates to the establishment that there are a lot of real conservatives who are not happy about nominating a moderate. Also, if we lose this thing in Nov, it could be a reminder of what the party needs to do to get folks like us back. That’s my strategery anyway.

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