A Wee Little Man

The story of Zaccheus in Luke 19, among other points, shows that we should hang out with sinners.* What seems to have struck Zaccheus the most about Jesus is that Jesus would actually come to his house– even though as a tax collector for the Romans he was hated by his own people.

* Calvin: “In this passage, as in many others, the word sinner is not taken in the ordinary sense [i.e. the sense in which we’re all sinners] but denotes a man of disgraceful and scandalous life.”


One thought on “A Wee Little Man

  1. Hey – I remember when you sang Z’s song…….
    And I do agree – you cannot separate yourself from the sinners – have to move among them – have to see the life they lead.

    And then one will not judge (as in “judge not, that thee be judged”), but possess the empathy required to understand the missing elements of that person’s life.


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