Which usually means “brain too fried for extended train of thought.”

Dr. Seuss. Now there’s a man who found something that worked and rode that train as far as it would take him. I mean, some of us might be dissuaded from writing poetry if all we could do to rhyme was make stuff up. Not the Doctor.


One thing that can ruin a good compliment: the word actually.


Blast from the past: I listened to Pearl Jam’s Ten yesterday on a run. Those guys rock, in the truest sense of the word. And just think, at the time there were several bigtime bands that rocked like that. Not like these kids today with their emo and their hair gel…


One thought on “Miscellenies

  1. You know where Pearl Jam got the name “Ten” from, don’t you?

    It was Mookie Blaylock’s jersey number and they were huge Mookie Fans. Little Hawks trivia to add to your nostalgia trivia.


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