Unexpected Week Off: Miscellenies

I’ll just be honest: I had no idea I wouldn’t post for a week. There’s not even that much of an excuse. But I’m sorry you were left hanging. Both of you.

Miscellenies from the last week:


We’re moving next month to a condo in hip Plaza Midwood. I will have lots of cool neighbors and will probably need a fauxhawk. Sam will get tatts and wear vintage t-shirts.


The Dark Knight is the first movie I’ve seen on opening night in a long time (maybe ever), and it rocked. The Oscar buzz for Heath Ledger is definitely fueled by his death, but I think he’d be a contender anyway.


I was pleasantly surprised by the crowd’s behavior at Dark Knight. There were a couple of color commentators behind us, but they were pretty funny, so it didn’t bother me all that much.


I was totally underwhelmed by every preview before the movie. Seriously, how many end-of-the-world, America’s-blown-itself-up movies do we really need? Maybe if Obama’s elected they’ll start making movies where we all ride through the rainbows on our cloud cars.


If you drive over a laptop computer in your car and you take it out of the case and it looks fine, that does not necessarily mean that it actually is fine. Turn it on and check.


If you drive over a laptop computer in your car and your wife is very calm about the whole thing, you have found a good wife and should hang onto her.


If you download WinAmp for the first time (I needed it to decode a show I downloaded), you get 50 free downloads at emusic.com. They have mostly independant artists, including a lot of good ones. I got the following 3 albums, plus some Kanye a la carte.


The Coinstar machines at Harris Teeter will now take your change and put it on a gift card for retailers including Starbucks, Amazon and iTunes. If you go with this option instead of the cash voucher, there’s no counting fee, which saves you 8.9 cents on the dollar. Iced caffe mocha, anyone?


2 thoughts on “Unexpected Week Off: Miscellenies

  1. loved Dark Knight also and think Ledger would be a good nominee for an Oscar, though I’m pretty sure I haven’t seen any of the other movies that have performances by Oscar nominees (we don’t see too many movies in the theatre). Glad to hear from you in blog world!

  2. Hi Jake! Thanks for the note – I’ll be in Uganda until August 27th – one more week in Gulu and then three in a small town down the road, Lira. I’ve been perusing your blog since getting your message – looks like you and your family have quite a life, and some big plans!! Your son is adorable!

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