Usually somewhere in between.

Most things are neither as good nor as bad as you think they’re going to be. That is, if you think something’s going to be awful, it’s usually not quite as bad as you thought. And if you think something’s going to be awesome, it’s usually not quite as life-altering as you thought.

Example of the former: Moving to Charlotte in 2004. We thought the last month in Athens and first month in Charlotte would be miserable. Neither was true– the move was taxing, but we felt at home and happy pretty quickly.

Example of the latter: The Macbook I’m about to buy. I’m sure I’ll enjoy it, but after a couple of weeks I won’t wake up and think “I have a Macbook. What a wonderful life.”

There are notable exceptions, such as giving birth to a child (or helping in the process) and raising said child.


4 thoughts on “Usually somewhere in between.

  1. I don’t know, I’ve had my Mac Pro for a bit and my powerbook for awhile and I still wake up and think, Cool I’m a mac owner. Maybe that means I’m an idolater? ;-) I guess I should repent… Glad you’re a mac dude, Phil just got one too! Our church will be exclusively Mac over here soon!

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