Another Lengthy Absence

Well, I did it to you again. Vanished from the blogosphere for over a week without so much as a warning or a guest blogger. Better get straight to some Miscellenies.


We moved. That’s most of the reason for the silence. We now live in Plaza Midwood, a funky, urban-revitalization-type area which we love. It’s pretty Athens-esque. We’re within walking distance of the library, a couple of parks, a DQ (you can get a Coke… just drive through and get a Coke, if you’re thirsty…), and several other cool restaurants including Fuel Pizza, Zada Jane’s and The Dish. And the place is great. It’s owned by a couple in our church, meaning we don’t have to sign a lease, meaning good news if you’re trying to leave the country soon.


Last night I went on my first run in our new neighborhood. I heard lots of dogs, coveted lots of houses, saw numerous Obama stickers and 2 cops on Segways.


A few minutes ago I’m pretty sure I heard flute-playing, and it sounded live. Well, scratch that– M told me it was her radio. Live flute player would’ve made a better blog post, but oh well.


I’ve never had the best impression of Rick Warren, and the whole Saddleback Forum thing isn’t something I’d do as a pastor. But I was impressed with the questions he asked. And I thought the answers made the contrast between the two candidates pretty clear.


I’m a Mac user now. Can’t you tell the difference? Doesn’t this post look smoother, simpler, more intuitive? Well, maybe not, but I like it a lot.


I’m making my first foray into fantasy football with a college league. I expect to get trounced. I mean, I assume everybody in the league can’t just pick Georgia players (we’re all alumni), and beyond that my knowledge is pretty pathetic. We’ll see.


Finally, I bought something for work and got more free downloads from


4 thoughts on “Another Lengthy Absence

  1. “(you can get a Coke… just drive through and get a Coke, if you’re thirsty…)”

    HAHAHA. So You! Awesome.

    Love the Blog, man. I just checked it out for the first time.

    Any bratworsts (sp?) in the neighborhood?

    One more thing. I’ve been looking for the song from back in our Athens years, “Take every knock as a boost, every stumbling block as a stepping stone, get ???? ???? ???? and just keep moving on.” Any idea who its by or where to find it? I was thinking Keb Mo, but couldn’t find it on ITunes.

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