The Car Lot and the Megachurch

The other day I heard an ad for a car dealership. They were touting their new showroom, which is 2 levels and has all sorts of goodies, including childcare and a cafe. My first thought was, why bother with all that stuff? Why not focus on having a good product at a good price?

Then I thought about churches. Lots of them now have coffee bars, cafes, elaborate play areas for kids, gift shops, and the like. And they do promotions, like a drawing for a free gas card or a sermon series ripped off from a TV show. Anything to get people in the door.

What if the car lot focused on selling cars and the church focused on preaching the Gospel?


3 thoughts on “The Car Lot and the Megachurch

  1. Crystal Cathedral in California still has an area of the parking lot where you can do “drive-in church”. You pull up, roll down your window, and watch the big screen TV on the side of the church building. Perfect for introverts – a car lot-church combo.

  2. You should listen to a series from my mom’s church called “Desperate Households”…instead of…Desperate Housewives…get it. Oh that would be better if you could hear my weird accent and fake laugh.

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