“Reducing the number of abortions”

The big thing to say now in “moderate” circles is that you’re personally against abortion, but you’re willing to support Democrats (especially The One) who support abortion (or, in the case of The One, refuse to vote for a bill protecting infants who are already born), because they want to “work to reduce the number of abortions.” And we can all agree on that.

Actually, no. Even if we grant that the pro-abortion crowd wants to reduce the number of abortions (which I believe is a lie), this is incorrect. Abortion is not an undesirable necessity that we want to reduce. It is a moral evil, an abomination. It is the taking of innocent life. It makes the claim to want to look out for “the least of these” an absolute sham.

Imagine arguing in the 1860’s that slavery should be legal, but that we should work to “reduce the number of slaveowners”. Imagine arguing in the 1960’s that while lynching should not be outlawed, we could all agree that we want to “reduce the number of lynchings”. There’s a word for this: Appeasement. And it’s not very effective in curbing moral evil.

We don’t want to “reduce the number of abortions” (although, contrary to Democratic talking points, the numbers have fallen steadily during the Bush administration). We want it gone. We want unborn children, created in the image of God, to have the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. We want this awful stain removed from our country and from the rest of the world. May God grant that we don’t get bored with this pursuit and move on to a more hip cause.


3 thoughts on ““Reducing the number of abortions”

  1. Word!

    I get very tired of hearing this phrase. Most people who say it don’t see the fallacy in what they’re proposing. Your slavery analogy is dead-on, and one that I use frequently myself. I also point as many people as I can to abort73.com so they can actually see what it is they are supporting (or at the very least, as you pointed out, appeasing).

  2. I’m glad you write about abortion often. I long for the day when Americans will look back and say “What were we thinking? How did anyone EVER think this was ok?” … just like we do with slavery today. I have always liked that analogy too.

    Recently though, beyond the education and political influence we can exert, I have come to realise the importance of fighting against abortion by simply sharing the gospel.

    In my experience, the few women I know who have had abortions (yes, some multiple) have one thing in common: they really and truly believed they were doing the child(ren) a favor by not bringing them into their depraved world. Women who are so broken and hopeless that they honestly justify the killing as merciful. I know this isn’t the case every time, but sometimes it is.

    Yes, part of the solution is having a government that says “NO. This is not allowed,” but another huge portion is releasing these women (and their husbands/boyfriends) from the lies of Satan (and some of this nation’s leaders) with the truth of the gospel.

  3. I’m with JD. When I worked with our college’s pro-life organization, we had several “experts” come and share why ministering/addressing the WOMEN in this cause is so uber important. Most women who have had an abortion know the technicalities of it– they know they’re killing a baby– and they’ve been able to push past that reality for one reason or another. That reason is what needs to be addressed & healed by the Lord.

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