Hard-Hitting Journalism at its Best

As is my custom, I caught the news on NPR yesterday while heading home, and there were reports from both presidential campaigns. Bullet points:


  • Campaigning with Palin, giving smaller versions of their convention speeches. “Word for word, in some cases.” (This is said with dripping disdain, because, as we all know, all other candidates, especially The One, always have something new to say. About Hope. And Change. And Believing. Believing in Hope and Change.)
  • Spent several minutes on Palin’s “flip flop” on the Bridge to Nowhere (which is a pretty low-grade flop– see here and here).
  • Speculated on when they might let sweet little Sarah out to campaign on her own.


  • Dropped his kids off at school.
  • When asked about the Freddie/Fannie bailout, explained that his administration will still bail out these guys, but there will be consequences. (Zing!) No comment from the reporter.
  • That’s it.

2 thoughts on “Hard-Hitting Journalism at its Best

  1. I have a serious love/hate relationship with NPR… their coverage of Palin has been extremely biased against her… to the point of sounding like DNC talking points rather than news coverage… the BBC World News has been more fair from the reports I heard

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