5 of my favorite places.

  1. Athens, GA. Any of it. All of it.
  2. Outer Banks, NC. What the beach is supposed to be like.
  3. The Great Aunt Stella Center in Charlotte, which our church all but owns.
  4. My grandparents’ house in Elberton, GA. It has a hundred rooms, many places that haven’t been touched in thirty years, and lots of fun summer memories.
  5. Prague. Our next home.

What are some of yours?


7 thoughts on “5 of my favorite places.

  1. 1. Mike’s Pastry, North End of Boston. When you get within a few blocks of the place, you start seeing white boxes with blue and white string in happy people’s hands.

    2. Fenway Park, Boston. The general angst, the $4 hot dogs (Gulden’s Mustard only please), the support beams blocking the view from full-price tickets. All wonderful.

    3. My Friend’s House – the Keller’s – Charlotte, NC. 4 boys under 7, now a little girl, good, edifying conversation and general merriment.

    Incidentally, #1 will be visited this week and #2 if I’m really fortunate!

  2. 1. Shaker Village in Kentucky. Kentucky is a hidden gem of a state (rivers, lakes, rock walls, tiny downtowns, horse farms, distinct seasons). And this happens to be 10 minutes from my nanny’s house. Win-win.

    2. On a train. Going anywhere. If I’m on a train, I’m don’t have to drive. I’m listening to music/reading/writing/watching the countryside. (Note: Train here is NOT synonymous with lightrail. we’re talking choo-choo.) BONUS: it usually leads to #4.

    3. Bermuda. The only place i’ve been where in the middle of the summer, i had an entire cove of 100 yards of white sand, 30 ft rock walls and turqoise water all to myself. Where for $60/night you can stay at a B&B, on the water, run by a brittish grandmother who cooks you a 4 course breakfast.

    4. Any town/state/city/country I haven’t been to before.

    5. Clemson, SC. Prefer a non-football day (i know, nerd). A quaint college town with lots of memories.

    this was fun. thanks jake!

  3. Alcatraz. I went to San Francisco on a field trip in 8th grade and it just captured my imagination. I’ve been back to “The Rock” 3 more times since then, and I’ve loved it every time. Most memorable memory- sitting on the floor of the cell block breastfeeding Afton. How many people can say that?

  4. oooh this is fun.

    1. At a farmer’s market anywhere. my favorites have been Birmingham’s pepper place market and San Francisco open market at the ferry building. I also enjoyed Charlotte’s because of the good company and that cheese spread- YUM!

    2. The movies. I don’t go very much but I love going to see a movie. Favorite is Cine in Athens, GA.

    3. Napa, CA: Sitting on a vineyard at sunset after a fabulous wine tasting taking it all in. Live jazz in the background. good memory.

    4. Eshowe, South Africa: beautiful heartbreak.

    5. PRAGUE which will also be my next home. crazy!!!

  5. becca- you must make sure afton knows this fact about her. she will win every game of “two truths and a lie” she ever plays!

  6. 1. Franklin St, in the fall with a Carolina blue sky. Sutton’s has real cherry coke and Pepper’s has the best calzones.
    2. the hammock in my parent’s backyard – it overlooks their pond, so on a Fall day with a cold beer, it’s a great place to spend an hour on a Sunday afternoon
    3. Coffee shops, preferably Caribou. Really anywhere with a cup of coffee is pretty great.
    4. Prague – and one of my favorite places there is a coffee shop – Old Town Square, behind Tyn Church. It looks exactly like what you would imagine a coffee shop in an old, historic, European city would look like. And you have to go down a narrow alley to get there, so it feels extra cool. (Those of you moving there won’t be that impressed by this, because you have to go down narrow alleys to get anywhere in “downtown” Prague.)
    5. Highlands – my family has a mountain house there. It looks like a log cabin. Could that be any better? Only if I could find a good coffee shop there…

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