SNL and Creativity

SNL‘s political stuff has been great ever since Sarah Palin came on the scene. But in all the skits I’ve seen (and I haven’t seen all of them) there hasn’t been a single joke at Obama’s expense. They have a guy who does a pretty good job impersonating him, but the jokes are all about things happening around him: he gets cut off at the debate, etc.

This isn’t a complaint about bias in the media. SNL doesn’t claim objectivity, and they’re free to joke however they want. But it doesn’t speak well for their creativity that they can’t bring themselves to laugh at their own side. I like Palin, and I know they can’t stand her. But the impression’s still funny. What’s wrong with poking a little fun at Obama? It would make their material better, give them a broader appeal, and show more artistic credibility.


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