Stupid Things I’ve Done

Not an exhaustive list.

  • Failed a class my first semester of college
  • Got into a fight with my wife over the lyrics to William Joel’s “We Didn’t Start the Fire”
  • Cleaned out a coffeemaker with Pine-Sol
  • Scraped my finger repeatedly on the same place on a cabinet
  • Run over our laptop

Making a list like this can help you remember not to take yourself too seriously.

(If you’re adding to my list in the comments, be sweet. I didn’t make a list about you.)


One thought on “Stupid Things I’ve Done

  1. ok, so here is a short list of my own…

    1. losing my keys in any given room about .5 seconds after entering it.
    2. leaving my purse everywhere I go. if I hear, “ma’am, is this your purse?” as I am on the sidewalk leaving an establishment one more time…
    3. bumping my head when getting into my car about 47% of the time. I mean it’s not like I’m tall. I don’t get it.
    4. dropping my mac from over my head while walking up my stairs.
    5. failing a class my first semester of college as well. Maybe it’s WR preparation :)
    6. almost getting hit by a bus on campus. even now. you think I would learn.
    7. not listening to anyone who talked about reformed theology for the longest time.
    8. and many, many, MANY, more…

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