Things I Miss About my PC (a very short list)

I like my Mac a great deal (witness the recent burst of videos on Blue Sky). And most of the stuff that was weird at first isn’t weird anymore. But there are a few lingering things I wish I could have brought with me when I crossed the great divide.

  1. The Home and End buttons. Did you know, for example, that End takes you all the way to the bottom of a webpage, and Home all the way to the top? Also very helpful when editing type.
  2. The Control button being all the way over to the left, in a very pinky-accessible spot. I’m having real issues with my typing flow. I have to pull my hands all the way off to hit the Command key. I’ve tried to use my thumb but I think it gives me carpal tunnel or something.
  3. The number pad. I realize this doesn’t exist on most PC notebooks either, but still, I miss it. It sits there at my work computer like an old friend you know is always there for you, and then I run home every night with the hot new model. Sorry, old chum.
  4. Picasa. Although iPhoto and I are getting along better the past couple of weeks. I had a great system set up in Picasa, where everything was automatically set up in folders, one for each month. I’m sure I could do that with “events” if I wanted to, but it’d be a workaround. I’m learning that iPhoto is a ridiculously advanced program by comparison, but there’s still a good bit of Picasa nostalgia.
  5. Bibleworks. This is really my fault for not having set up an emulator yet. But come on, Bibleworks. Just delay the next upgrade a couple of years and put out a Mac edition. (I’m reviewing Accordance soon, though, so this all might be moot. But I already know Bibleworks.)

Not bad though, especially when 3 of my 5 are keyboard issues. Vive la revolución.



  1. Jeremy Echols says:

    1. Command + up or command + down (sometimes down twice) will take you to the top and bottom of a website. And it will help you navigate your text fields too.

    2. Keep practicing getting to the command key with the thumb…it’ll come. I’m screwed on PC’s now because I keep going for the command key with my thumb rather than control with the pinky.

    3. I miss the number pad from desktops too…but I like having a laptop more than the number pad.

    4. Yeah, it was a hard switch for me to leave Picasa too…although you’ll get to liking iPhoto 08 soon enough.

    5. I tried the demo for Accordance but couldnt get a feel for it. I’m hoping to get Logos with an emulator while I’m still in school and can get a discount on it.

    Vive la revolución Jake…

  2. Now there’s a helpful comment. #1 is brilliant.

    Re: #5, in the next couple of weeks I’ll have a series of reviews of the big Bible software options. Might help you decide what your best bet is for what you want to do.

  3. Eddy Barnes says:

    Picasa is available for mac…

  4. bibleworks is the only thing still tying me to windows. i’m developing a love/hate relationship with bibleworks.

    hopefully when logos for mac FINALLY comes out i can dump windows entirely. but then i have to give my firstborn in order to afford logos.

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