Things I Miss About my PC (a very short list)

I like my Mac a great deal (witness the recent burst of videos on Blue Sky). And most of the stuff that was weird at first isn’t weird anymore. But there are a few lingering things I wish I could have brought with me when I crossed the great divide.

  1. The Home and End buttons. Did you know, for example, that End takes you all the way to the bottom of a webpage, and Home all the way to the top? Also very helpful when editing type.
  2. The Control button being all the way over to the left, in a very pinky-accessible spot. I’m having real issues with my typing flow. I have to pull my hands all the way off to hit the Command key. I’ve tried to use my thumb but I think it gives me carpal tunnel or something.
  3. The number pad. I realize this doesn’t exist on most PC notebooks either, but still, I miss it. It sits there at my work computer like an old friend you know is always there for you, and then I run home every night with the hot new model. Sorry, old chum.
  4. Picasa. Although iPhoto and I are getting along better the past couple of weeks. I had a great system set up in Picasa, where everything was automatically set up in folders, one for each month. I’m sure I could do that with “events” if I wanted to, but it’d be a workaround. I’m learning that iPhoto is a ridiculously advanced program by comparison, but there’s still a good bit of Picasa nostalgia.
  5. Bibleworks. This is really my fault for not having set up an emulator yet. But come on, Bibleworks. Just delay the next upgrade a couple of years and put out a Mac edition. (I’m reviewing Accordance soon, though, so this all might be moot. But I already know Bibleworks.)

Not bad though, especially when 3 of my 5 are keyboard issues. Vive la revolución.


4 thoughts on “Things I Miss About my PC (a very short list)

  1. 1. Command + up or command + down (sometimes down twice) will take you to the top and bottom of a website. And it will help you navigate your text fields too.

    2. Keep practicing getting to the command key with the thumb…it’ll come. I’m screwed on PC’s now because I keep going for the command key with my thumb rather than control with the pinky.

    3. I miss the number pad from desktops too…but I like having a laptop more than the number pad.

    4. Yeah, it was a hard switch for me to leave Picasa too…although you’ll get to liking iPhoto 08 soon enough.

    5. I tried the demo for Accordance but couldnt get a feel for it. I’m hoping to get Logos with an emulator while I’m still in school and can get a discount on it.

    Vive la revolución Jake…

  2. Now there’s a helpful comment. #1 is brilliant.

    Re: #5, in the next couple of weeks I’ll have a series of reviews of the big Bible software options. Might help you decide what your best bet is for what you want to do.

  3. bibleworks is the only thing still tying me to windows. i’m developing a love/hate relationship with bibleworks.

    hopefully when logos for mac FINALLY comes out i can dump windows entirely. but then i have to give my firstborn in order to afford logos.

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