Don’t say I (and many others) didn’t warn you.

For better or worse, my posts on the election, especially re: abortion, are drawing to a close soon. But here’s another. This is a comment I posted on Abraham Piper’s blog, but I think I was too late and the thread’s pretty much died down. (Read it, though– interesting.) Since I might not get any responses there, thought I’d drop it here too.

Here’s something to think about: If one candidate wins (let’s call him Obama) is elected, the Freedom of Choice Act will very likely become law. This will eliminate all restrictions of abortion that are currently in place in many states (parental notification/consent and the like), as well as requiring gov’t (=taxpayer) funds to pay for abortions. If passed, and especially if Obama appoints the kind of Supreme Court justices we can reasonably expect he would, on a political level the pro-life movement will be dead in the water.

To those who are not voting, or voting for Obama, I’d like to hear what makes you think it’s OK not to do what we can, however small, to stop this. Personally, I don’t want to hear pro-Obama Christians (or non-voting Christians) be shocked and dismayed if and when it happens. A non-vote, or a vote for Obama, enables it. I’d love to know what other issues are important enough to trump this one.


3 thoughts on “Don’t say I (and many others) didn’t warn you.

  1. Completely agree. I do not want to hear it when FOCA goes on the books, effectively ending the political debate on abortion, and then hear all the Sen. Obama supporters or non-voters who express outrage. You lose your right to complain when you disassociate yourself from the process (non-vote) or align yourself explicitly with the perpetrator of what will I expect go down as the single most barbaric law our country has ever seen.

    Stopping now before the anger sets in…


    The presidential election will have very little bearing on the abortion issue, FOCA or not. And repealing Roe v. Wade would just make this a state issue, and that solves nothing. Outlawing abortion altogether solves nothing either.

    Women will not stop having abortions no matter how many white men and their judgmental Christian wives want to say otherwise.

  3. Actually, black people ought to be a lot more concerned than whites– more than five times as many black children are killed by abortion than white children.

    Certainly there would still be abortions if abortion were outlawed. There are still rapes, although it’s illegal. Women are beaten by their husbands, although spousal abuse is illegal. What else should we make legal simply because outlawing it won’t keep it from happening?

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