I agree wholeheartedly with this post from Mike Potemra.

I voted for John McCain because I admire him immensely as a person, and agree with him on many more issues than I do with Senator Obama. And I ask a rhetorical question: Can we McCain voters, without embarrassment, shed a tear of patriotic joy about the historic significance of what just happened? And I offer a short, rhetorical answer.

Yes, we can.


2 thoughts on “Historic

  1. yes, i sure did. thanks for giving nod to this.

    however, t.d. jakes said it well on the today show yesterday when he said (paraphrasing) “this election [of an african american] did not transform america. america’s transformation allowed this election to occur.”

    let us not forget the people in europe who fought to end the slave trade hundreds of years ago!

    pondering these things gives me hope for abortion to end someday too.

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