I’m no Reid Jones, but…

I’ve been working on my trying to develop some Adobe skills. Here are some recent projects.

First, a little welcome present for Dave Latham, who took my place at the bookstore. This was done with lots of consultation with Reid, my design guy (and who’s glad I’m actually learning to do some of this stuff myself, instead of producing and directing him). I decided this would be a good use of a sizeable chunk of my Wednesday.


Next, a little more down to earth: We’re making magnet pictures of Sam’s out-of-town friends so he can learn their names. Lucy is of course at the top of the list.



3 thoughts on “I’m no Reid Jones, but…

  1. “Producing” and “Directing”, huh?
    As if I’m the new actor on the horizon named ‘Something’ Ford, and you’re in your big producer chair working on the first of what will be six somewhat-popular films, saying to me, ‘Hey Harry, or Harris, or whatever your name is, how about you act like so-and-so and say so-and-so. You’re gonna be big if you just listen to me. Just do as I say there, Farris, or whatever…”
    Producing. Directing.
    That’s about right.

    Well, thanks for naming a blog after me. Fancy that.

  2. By the way, you cut a little of Dave’s logo off of his hat. Also, there’s a little blue peeking on the red side at the top. Also, there probably needs to be some kind of extra shadowing behind his head, because the glare is so heavy on the front. Furthermore, I’d recommend a cleaner font. Also…

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