A modest proposal for news agencies.

Most days on NPR or elsewhere, I hear a few stories that go about like this:

  • The Dow is going straight to hell. The Great Depression was a day at the beach.
  • A billion more jobs were cut yesterday, and yours is probably next.
  • The only solution is for the government to suspend habeus corpus, sell 12 or 13 states and give the money to car companies.

I think we’ve all settled that the economic news is going to get worse for a while before it gets better, so I have a suggestion.

Stop reporting it.

Seriously, how many of us really need to know what the Dow is doing? Does it matter how many people lost their jobs? Seems like it only really matters if you’ve lost yours, and if you have you probably heard about it before Carl Castle. And goodness only knows what Congress is going to do, other than lose more even more approval points.

I say leave it be. No sense dwelling on the unpleasant. No more financial news until after the first quarter of 2009. If we’re having a recession, depression, meltdown or whatever else, just wake me up when it’s over.


One thought on “A modest proposal for news agencies.

  1. I just can’t wait until NPR starts tearing Obama apart after doing everything they could to promote him. I’ve already noticed a more condescending tone in the way they talk about him, and it’s only 2 weeks since the election. Come to think of it, though, I don’t remember a time when they weren’t condescending or negative in their reporting unless that Elevator Music version of “We’re in the Money” was playing behind the financial report.

    Oh, uh, gotta run now. Here comes the anti-red-state-media-censorship-enforcement-team. Look out, Bortz!

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