“Everything’s awesome right now, and nobody’s happy.”

Somebody finally said it.

Extra points for the phrase “non-contributing zero,” which I plan on stealing repeatedly.



  1. hilarious and true

  2. friendofcírdan says:

    You’re sitting in a chair….in the *sky*.

    Wonderfully funny perspective…

  3. I like “It’s going to space! Can you give it a second to get back from space?”

  4. I was delighted when I showed this to my 21 year old college student brother and he thought it was funny. A glimmer of hope in that generation-whew!

  5. Luke Johnson says:

    This clip is hilarious. I may steal it for my blog.


  1. […] nobody’s happy” Posted on 1 December 2008 by Jeremy Echols So I saw this on Jake’s blog and decided to steal […]

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