3 thoughts on “Santa

  1. Although we haven’t discussed it yet, I have to agree with you. There’s also something about the power of imagination and mystery that is important in a child’s life also. At least you didn’t say that Santa is just Satan spelled incorrectly… :)

  2. We learn about Saint Nicholas, and other traditions that all blended to become the current day Santa Claus. When we see a guy in a Santa suit, we say- “Look- Santa!” We’re not haters. But we’re not into lying and tricking our children either. And when EVERY checkout person or senior citizen we run into asks the kids “what’s Santa going to bring you?” I usually say something like “Oh, we don’t really do Santa, we just celebrate Jesus’ birth.” And then they look at me like I’m some kind of weirdo. Free tip: we give each of our kids three gifts. Jesus got three gifts, you get three gifts. It is a great way to avoid the greediness and craziness.

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