11 thoughts on “My Favorite Movie Scene

  1. I’m sure there’s others out there on the same level as this one, but it’s what popped in my mind. My scene spans from approx :40 – 2:23 of the overall clip.

  2. I like that, right above your post, it says “Top 5 Reasons for Corporate Worship.” Don’t worry, I’m working on my clip now.

  3. Here’s mine:

    And before any of you action-movie-lovers write it off, keep in mind that it took a LOT of skill to dance around that pavilion!

  4. OK, I have to set this one up. Rick (played by Humphrey Bogart) has up until this point of the movie mainly looked out for his own interests; however, in this clip, he gives the go ahead to play the French national anthem. A move that brings hope to many, but ultimately costs him… I also have a confession to make. This is extremely lame, but I tear up nearly every time I watch this scene.

    This scene is a close second. The language is pretty intense so be warned. Tom Cruise should have won the Oscar for best supporting actor for this scene alone. He’s never been better than this scene. If you haven’t seen Magnolia, he’s confronting his father who is dying. His father left him and his mother when she was dying from cancer.

    If you’ve never seen Magnolia, it’s intense, but I can’t think of a better movie that basically lays out the Gospel: we screw our lives up, and God rescues us when we were powerless.

  5. #1 Totally. This whole movie could so easily have been about me and my high school…ok, and some of college, too. The lama, the steaks, the cheesiness, the awkwardness (go figure, right?). I couldn’t find my favorite scene (grandpa and the cow) but I found my second favorite. I swear my youth group made us do this stuff!


    # 2. Hands Down. This clip is screwed up, but just watch the first few seconds before it repeats. Beware of language. How many times have you done this?

  6. i hemmed and hawed over this for a while, but i think this is the winner:

    of course, i wanted categories and genres and all kinds of stuff…i love how this “secular” film captures so much truth in this scene and how it comes back to me everytime i see it in real life.

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