4 thoughts on “A Big Deal

  1. Watched it also, but by myself. Pres. Obama was pretty hard-nosed in his inauguration speech, so much so that I felt uncomfortable for Pres. George Bush. His speech left me thinking Obama thought the past 8 years have been an utter failure and there is nothing good there – so we will “remake” America. His speech was actually a little frightening… but maybe I’m overreacting?!?

  2. I just thought those parts were classless. To suggest that now America is ready to help the rest of the world, as though we haven’t been defending the free world and pumping billions into Africa (where GWB is a hero) for the last eight years, is foolish.

    It all ties into the messianic complex, if you want to know what I think. Everything’s terrible, but now that we’ve given the keys to The One, it will all be so much better. It’s a pretty scary standard to set up for yourself.

  3. There’s something I got unsure about when the New Prez started talking about fighting terrorists with “our spirit” and “outlasting” them…what about actually fighting them face to face with guns? “Outlasting” kind of sounds like, “We’ve got so many buildings that you could NEVER blow them all up!” I support him and will stand beside him and pray for him. I just thought that was an interesting way to talk about defending the Free World. It’s not like he wrote the speech, anyway. They never do. (From my FB Page, but it fits in well here.) “Support” used cautiously above.

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