Inauguration Thoughts

First of all, over two centuries of the peaceful transition of power. Inauguration Day always makes me proud of my country. I also like how (relatively) simple it all is. I mean, less than an hour, and the actual oath takes less than a minute. We’re a democracy, a government based (more or less) on the will of the people. Love it.


The booing of Bush was one last– well, probably not– reminder of how classless many of his opponents are. And his graceful exit, beginning on Election Day and continuing until the moment he got on the plane, demonstrates that he’s a better man than our country deserves.


There are some people being sort of tacky, if you want to know what I think, in comments about Rick Warren’s prayer. I thought it was fine– said some things I probably wouldn’t have said, but nothing that bothered me. Christians should lighten up sometimes. (Sometimes.)


Obama is a wonderful orator. I mean, I agree with him on very little, and I like to hear him give a speech. But although today’s speech had its moments, I don’t think it out of the park. I think political speeches today always sound like they’re trying too hard.


Obama joined in the classless attitude toward Bush when he acted, at several points, as though nothing has gone right for a decade, but now America is ready to be nice again. That’s an insult not primarily to President Bush, but to thousands of servicemen and intelligence workers who have given their lives to keep our country safe by fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq. It also ignores contributions we’ve made to efforts like AIDS relief in Africa (where, as I mentioned in a comment on the previous post, Bush is viewed as a hero). Those moments in the speech suggest that Obama’s claim to be post-partisan is sheer marketing.


Regardless of politics, though, it was a great day to be an American. Seeing the faces especially of older African-Americans was powerful. There’s much more work to be done on racial reconciliation in our country, but today shows that we have come a long way. We have a beautiful First Family to serve as the face of our country. I hope their time in the White House is happy, and pray that Obama will govern wisely and lead our nation well.


One thought on “Inauguration Thoughts

  1. I too feel that some people are being tacky about Rick’s prayer. The man is not perfect, but he seeks to find his perfection in Christ alone, just as I do. The difference is that only my close circle of friends and relatives can see my flaws. Everyone gets to see Rick’s, and they get to see them on the news. We as believers need to remember that and extend grace to our brother. He’s not perfect, nor was his prayer, but I cannot think of any prayer I have prayed in my entire life that has been perfect. Rick Warren is taking it from both sides. Twitter was blazing yesterday with non-Christians who hated him for his prayer, and all the while I was thinking that it was a very unoffensive prayer.

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