Favorites Monday: Who are your heroes?

Favorites Monday actually falls on a Friday this week, which is interesting.

This week’s question: who are your heroes? Three categories (you don’t have to use them all): Historical, Present-Day, and Personal (i.e. someone you know).

Heroes is a very broad category, so interpretations will vary. My general definition is “people I want to be like.” Don’t be put off by the fact that all mine are pastor/scholars– it’s only because that’s what I want to be. Put Shakira on there if you want. Or whatever. I don’t know.

My list:

  • Historical: John Calvin, Jonathan Edwards
  • Present-Day: John Piper
  • Personal: Tom Hawkes, Mike Kruger

8 thoughts on “Favorites Monday: Who are your heroes?

  1. Past – Edwards, Whitefield, CT Studd, Jim Elliott, Ronald Reagan, Brainerd, Thomas Watson
    Present – Piper, Mahaney, Palin
    Personal – David Platt

  2. Historical – Bonhoeffer, John Wesley, Jim Elliott
    Present – unfortunately, no one comes to mind right off the bat (that I don’t know personally)
    Personal – some of my professors (Dr. Robert Mulholland), my parents, Jay Tucker

  3. can i just say that i love melissa?!

    Historical: William Wilberforce (gender issues aside here), Elisabeth Bennett
    Present: Elisabeth Elliott, Patty Griffin
    Personal: Paige Capes, Miss Joanne

  4. I’m going with the cop-out approach:


    Have you ever heard that joke about the Sunday School class where a little boy was asked, “What has brown fur, climbs trees, gathers nuts, and lives in a nest?” The boy replies, “Well, I think the answer is ‘a squirrel’, but I KNOW that all the answers in this class have to be ‘Jesus’.”

    Yes! Once again copping out to seem holier-than-thou proves successful!!! Score: Marty-one, All you other heathens-zero. :)

  5. Historical – Luther, Calvin, Knox
    Present Day – Sinclair Ferguson, Dr Kelly
    Personal – Dr Kelly, many older and wiser pastors

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