No, Mr. President.

President Obama yesterday on the 36th anniversary of Roe v. Wade:

While this is a sensitive and often divisive issue, no matter what our views, we are united in our determination to prevent unintended pregnancies, reduce the need for abortion, and support women and families in the choices they make.

No, Mr. President. We are not united in our determination to “reduce the need for abortion.” We do not need to “reduce the need” for child molestation, rape, murder, or other crimes. There is no “need” to kill the innocent in the womb.

Nor are we “united” in our support for women and families who make “choices” to voluntarily kill their unborn children. On this, Mr. President, the most pressing moral issue of our generation, no. We are not united in the least.


8 thoughts on “No, Mr. President.

  1. We can definitely try to reduce unintended pregnancies. It’s the same with the death penalty movement, people get upset of those who call for a moratorium. I believe that one is tactical v. strategic. If we can get a policy shift to help unintended pregnancies, we save more lives… no mater how staunch a person is pro-life I am… it’s a responsible compromise…and a step in the right direction.

  2. PM…I don’t think that anyone is against the reduction of abortions. Clearly less is more. However, less abortions is not the essence of the fight.

    The position I feel being made above is to say that our president should not say that we are united on issues that we are not. To say that we are united for less abortions makes it seem like we are a-okay with simply that. When the heart of the issues are completely different.

    I am all about celebrating less sin, less death, and more justice. However you cannot stop at LESS. If we had stopped at the reduction of hate crimes and unequal rights, then the current black president would not be in office. Laws were passed, speeches made, and now we have a society where people of all races are free at last!

    Celebrate the victories, continue to fight for freedom. I will forever strive to proclaim the words of Dr. King for those who cannot speak. For those being destroyed in the womb. My prayer is for every child that is being considered for abortion, that upon their birth, that by there first breath and their first cry, that it would ring in the heavens that they are truly free at last!

  3. I see where you are coming from . . . the statement does sound like everyone is for the woman’s right to choose for instance. But I would still like to disagree and saying that it’s a step in the right direction. I would take a statement about reducing pregnancies first as opposed to nothing at all because that may prevent another child from being born and neglected or a life being aborted.

    I agree you can’t stop at less… that’s a whole different topic with crime and such…there is no real incentive to end crime . . . it would completely wipe out industries and employment…think of how many folk’s work are related to crime… so I don’t have faith in the goverment to completely stop it… I try to do my best and leave that to God. I feel the same way about Capital Punishment. I’m against it completely and the idea of a moratorium is sort of dishonest (pause and until you can kill people pefectly), however, it’s a tactical step that I will temporarily accept becaue it i in line with my strategic goal to abolish it all together. I think the same is true with abortion.

  4. Pete…perhaps you should read my comment above again. Clearly I am in agreement that less is more when it comes to abortions.

    As for the second paragraph, I think that your reasoning is going in a completely different direction than the question at hand. I am not talking about crime. I am not talking about capital punishment. I am commenting on abortion. These are very different issues and it seems like you are trying to bring in some of your other beliefs concerning these other issues to shade over the fact that the President, who you so proudly support on your blog, stands and proclaims reproductive freedom for the mother, but no rights at all for the baby inside her.

  5. I do support Obama. But that doesn’t mean that I have to agree on every position or use abortion as a sole litmus test to determine who I support (e.g., McCain). The issue of capital punishment is analogous if you care about a life. I am pro-living…which means I prefer for all human beings to live regardless. I think we will see a day when abortions are illegal in this country and we catch up with the rest of the civilized world on abortions and capital punishment. I sincerely hope so. However, we are not going to see that happen without significant compromises first (i.e. addresses teen pregnancy, adoption issues, and health care). If it’s outlawed without addressing some of the reasons why it happens, we will still end up with terminated pregnancies — only illegally. That’s not the goal so we should address real substantive policies that are somewhere in the middle.

  6. Actually, Pete, many of us had lots more reasons than abortion for supporting McCain (although that would have been enough for me).

    I appreciate your comments, but let’s not have any personal accusations based on ignorance.

  7. I did not state your reason or anyone else’s reason for supporting McCain. But moreso my reason or supporting Obama as opposed to McCain (since the previous comment hints that I am simply agreeing b/c I support Obama for president). I apologize if it seemed that I was attacking anyone. I only mentioned it because of the “Obama” comment above. We can disagree without being disagreeable. There were no personal accusations “based on ignorance” but rather my choice for supporting Obama although there are issues that I agree with McCain. (McCain of 2000).

  8. Pete…I was not trying to say that you follow Obama blindly. Sorry if my tone came across wrong.

    I hope that under President Obama we see the day that abortions are illegal. And Pete, you and I can join hands and rejoice.

    Again, yes I am for less abortions, but the Presidents reasons for less abortions are not the reasons that will abolish it. His reasons are not really an advancement of the cause. His reasons allow him to stay in the place of those who are pro-choice. His reasons are fence-riding and in some ways detrimental to the cause making him appear like he wants abortion to stop, but then not really backing it up. Until his reasons change we will not see change. If his motivation and heart on the matter changes, then YES WE CAN see great strides toward a nation and government that values human life.

    Thanks for this discussion and I am glad that you love life, both yours and those who cannot speak for themselves.

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