Who Said It?

Regarding abortion:

The Evil of the Age . . . The enormous amount of [abortion] that exists and flourishes, almost unchecked, in the city of New York, is a theme for most serious consideration. Thousands of human beings are thus murdered before they have seen the light of this world.

Give up? It was The New York Times, in the mid-1800’s.

Yes, I recognize there’s really no connection, but the irony is delicious.



  1. Jake, I just wrote a pro-life defense here: http://lukeisawriter.blogspot.com/2009/01/post-1.html

    Tell me what you think. I tried to leave the Bible out of it because in my opinion even in our relativistic society, you can still make a somewhat logical case that legalization of abortion before birth is arbitrary and furthermore that its mostly a case of convenience trumping logic.

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