Adventures in Bad Admin

Disclaimer: I am not great at administration, but I really appreciate good administration, so I’m trying to get better at it. As part of that, I like to look at things that work and things that don’t.

At about 2:25 PM yesterday, I registered online for a training program we have to attend before leaving for Prague. In the ensuing hours I received no less than seven emails from the training organization.

  • Mon 2:30 PM: Receipt and purchase confirmation.
  • Mon 2:30 PM: Thank you for submitting an order.
  • Mon 2:34 PM: Thank you note for purchase from bookstore.
  • Mon 2:34 PM: Thank you for registering to attend program.
  • Mon 4:13 PM: Thank you again for your purchase, please save receipt.
  • Tues 12:25 PM: Invoice for remainder of bill, request to let them know if missions organization will be paying (even though I gave that info when I registered).
  • Tues 1:15 PM: Travel details, and reminder that my confirmation packet will arrive in the mail soon!

Surely they could have combined all these into one email, even if I had to wait a couple of hours!


One thought on “Adventures in Bad Admin

  1. But ahh, if only the HEALTH INSURANCE industry could take a lesson from these guys. As opposed to promising one thing on the phone, not mailing said packet for two weeks, and sending information that actually pays only half of the promised percentages. Good times.

    There’s got to be a workable area between 7 e-mails in 23 hrs and deceitful communication with no confirmation over 2 weeks. Yeah, I’m just bitter to get ripped off. Thanks for the sounding wall.

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