Come on, Jeep, you too?

Pepsi has a new logo.

Southwest Airlines has a new promotion.

So does Daimler Chrysler.

Nothing like a bandwagon, huh guys?




  1. GREAT POST…JT needs to link this one.

  2. Marty Altman says:

    I’m just glad that none of the airlines have a picture of perfectly fine passengers jumping out of a perfectly fine plane with the the statement underneath: “We’re always ready for an unnecessary bailout.”

    Not that I think Obama’s plan is necessarily unnecessary, its just that it would be funny. Really, I think that they need to re-assess the value of air fare (and overhead) while everyone else is reassessing their homes.

  3. I saw somewhere (and now I can’t remember where) that the response to the Pepsi logo was resoundingly negative. So maybe the advertising folks got it wrong this time.

  4. Marty Altman says:

    So I drove across Northern Atlanta yesterday, and I noticed that the PINK backgrounds on the Pepsi billboards make the whole advertising campaign even more disturbing.

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