Skip My Stem Cell Post and Read This One

Yuval Levin debunks four myths the media and public believe about embryonic stem cell research. (Outline from Justin at Between Two Worlds.)

  1. Obama has restored federal policy to what it was prior to Bush’s 2001 stem cell policy announcement.
  2. The Bush policy was a ban on embryonic stem cell research.
  3. There are no viable scientific alternatives to the destruction of human embryos.
  4. The promise of pluripotent stem cells is quite certain.

This is particularly relevant for anti-abortion Christians who support Obama.

(HT: JT)


3 thoughts on “Skip My Stem Cell Post and Read This One

  1. I have a long list of “sophisticated” names for Barak Obama.
    The one that does not come under the definition for this word but which suits him well is, “unpatriotic.” I have never in all the years I have been voting (beginnng 1951) had the experience of a person who has been elected to the highest human office in the US be so deliberately against life. He is causing the deaths of our most precious assets. our children, and I AM NOW ASSISTING IN THOSE DEATHS. Is there anythng we as a country can do to not pay for this travesty? What about a square on our income tax form which gives us a choice as to whether we want to contribute or not? (By the way, both income taxes and the Federal Reserve are illegal — have never been approved by vote of Congress.) How many people know that?

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