Can we get somebody on this?

I had an idea tonight so uncharacteristically creative that I was sure somebody had already taken care of it, but YouTube seems to think not. Frankly, I’m shocked.

The world must have a 24 video collage set to the Daniel Powter song “Bad Day” (yes, I had to Google the name). Let’s get moving on this, people.


3 thoughts on “Can we get somebody on this?

  1. I apologize in advance for the contribution below: :)

    Because you had a bad day
    You’re on trial for treason
    If the feds only knew that corruption’s the reason
    You say you don’t know
    Who has the First Gentleman
    Nice tux at the Gala, you say, “It’s a rental, man.”
    You had a bad day
    The camera don’t lie
    Unless it’s a pre-recorded loop, then we’re all gonna die
    You had a bad day
    You had a bad day

    oh, too much Weird Al, THAT’s the problem!

  2. important qualification: jack having a bad day, or those who jack encounters having a bad day?

    if the former, do you think there’s enough footage of jack crying to fill the 3+ minutes of the song?

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