Facing Circumstantial and Spiritual Depression

If your circumstances are leading you to depression and hopelessness– as they often do– then your biggest problem isn’t circumstantial, it’s spiritual.

The circumstances might improve, but eventually they’ll get worse again. If your spiritual problem gets better, then you’ll be less dominated by your circumstances.

Sometimes, though, the spiritual state improves and then the circumstances improve. That’s the best case scenario. In those seasons, thank God for his kindness, and pray that the next time circumstances take a dip (as they surely will), your spiritual life will weather the storm.


3 thoughts on “Facing Circumstantial and Spiritual Depression

  1. Nice post and well stated. What about Clinical Depression as a third type (Circumstantial, Spiritual, Clinical/”Major”)? Interestingly enough, I’ve found that a clinically depressed person who wants to change can sometimes break the cycles pretty easily. Of course, without God involved it’s all only superficial, anyway.

  2. A good word here Jake. When I read things like this I’m often reminded of John 11 and the death and resurrection of Lazarus. Viewed through the lens of your post, you can almost see Jesus saying “focus on my person and promises, and not on the present circumstances”.

    Of course it’s rather shocking (Jesus had that habit) given that Lazarus is dead and his sisters are rightly mourning his death, but Jesus, though filled with compassion, is still unyielding in his appeal to them to believe.

    So I read this and remind myself that if I focus on my circumstances in times of difficulty then depression will inevitably follow. But if I turn to Jesus, I’ll find hope. And when I’ve been depressed, hope in Jesus and the promises of God that are fulfilled in Him is the only lasting remedy.

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