And I went to public school.

I’ve done lots of stupid things that involve a lack of foresight, or general absentmindedness. (See Black Crowes Tickets, Loss Of.)

But here’s one smart thing I did: When I moved out of my office at RTS, I boxed up my books so that they’d be ready for moving to Prague, and stored them in the attic. But I also labeled each box by category, according to how they were arranged on the shelf, so that if I needed a book in the interim, I’d only have to open one box.

I thought that was just me being anal about books, but I’ve probably gone to the attic for a book about a half-dozen times, and I’ve never had any trouble finding what I was looking for.


One thought on “And I went to public school.

  1. sounds nothing like my experience with boxed books… i just boxed them and labeled every box ‘books’

    so… on sunday, i am looking for a book entitled ‘miracles’ by c john collins and open a box with keil & delitzsch commentaries and tom clancy; then a box with the lonesome dove series, girardeau, dabney and berkhof; then a box with lewis and tolkien (subconscious organization?) and various books on the holy spirit and two on hell; and then… a box with some stephen ambrose greek grammar books and the one i was looking for.

    i should either get bookshelves or become more organized… where is a good place to look for bookshelves?

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