What Gets Said in an Ordination Exam?

This exchange occurred during my oral exams last week:

Me: So my faith was genuine, but there was also a big cultural component to it– I wore Christian t-shirts, I listened to Christian music, and all that jazz…

Committee member #1: You listened to Christian music and jazz?


Committee member #2: There is Christian jazz.

Committee member #1: Christian jazz? Really?

Me: Yeah, you know, it’s about 80% as good as real jazz.



  1. hard to believe it’s as much as 80% — improvisation sounds too much like giving in to your sinful tendencies

  2. Yeah, 80% was a pretty generous estimate, but it was an on-the-fly comment.

  3. How’d that go over?

  4. I like to think it showed them a glimpse of my winning personality. At any rate, they approved me.

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