Environmentalists vs. actually feeding hungry people

Norman Borlaug, an American agronomist (I have never used that word before), died this weekend. His advances in seed technology have been credited with saving the lives of 245 billion people.

There’s a good summary of his work here. This section stuck out to me:

Borlaug warned that the Green elites tended to be wealthy, urban individuals who saw the “wilderness” as a place to vacation, but wouldn’t want to live there. “Our elites live in big cities and are far removed from the fields. Whether it’s [Lester] Brown, or [Paul] Ehrlich or the head of the Sierra Club or the head of Greenpeace, they’ve never been hungry.” Borlaug warned that the urban elites in the West “are easily swayed by these scare stories that we are on the verge of being poisoned out of existence by farm chemicals.”

Environmentalists have long championed coercive measures “to make the world a better place.” Normal Borlaug actually did make the world a better place. His only crime was that, he wasn’t saving insects, but the lives of people in Asia, Africa, and Central America. And in the Green heirarchy of values humans come last.



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