New sermon audio

In July I preached on Romans 15:14-33 at our home church, Uptown Church in Charlotte. I got this text because we were in a series on Romans, but it turned out to be a great missionary passage. Right click & “save as” to download:

Where No Man Has Gone Before: Paul’s Missionary Vision


One thought on “New sermon audio

  1. Greetings in Jesus Christ!

    You maybe wondering why I write you a letter. I just happened to open your site as I was looking to find sermons to listen to. I truly appreciate the divine insights of sermon messages.

    I am a beginner in the ministry. I have noticed and realized as I start to minister, I need to learn more divine insights to effectively serve my people. I have more or less 15 to 20 people to shepherd as of now. I am looking for any ways to learn. I thank and praise God for having an access to your website.

    Hope to have communication with you…..

    In Christ service,
    Luther Garcia
    in the Philippines

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