10 thoughts on “3 Christian phrases there’s nothing wrong with, but I’m sick of.

  1. jake what would you suggest instead of “i struggle with”…i like that one!

    1-you know it in your head but do you know it in your heart?
    that’s the only that is bugging me right now

  2. 1. Authentic, vulnerable, genuine
    2. Intentional
    3. I struggle with

    I use those last two all the time. I don’t know what else to say in their place, but I’m still annoyed with myself every time I say them.

  3. as a “tentmaker,” i dislike that word also. aren’t we just doing what we did in charlotte? no one called us tentmakers there. they called us yuppies or dinks ;)

  4. -“(1)I struggle with (2)keeping my quiet time; (3)please pray for me.”
    -“I felt God calling me to (fill in the blank).” (this is actually on pretty shaky theological groud)
    -“Lately, I’ve been seeking God’s Will for my life…”

  5. My teeth are set on edge by the ‘just’ prayers, as in “Lord we just ask you to just heal me…” as though God doing anything for us is just a little thing.

  6. I’m an Episcopalian, and part of a pretty progressive parish. Every week during the creed I hear a few voices doing this:

    “We believe in the Holy Spirit, the Lord, the Giver of Life,
    who proceeds from the Father and the Son.
    With the Father and Son *she* is worshiped and glorified.
    *She* has spoken through the prophets . . .”

    Totally tripped me up the first time I caught it. Still bugs me, especially when I end up in the same pew with one of the women who do it.

  7. This is an old post, but I want to chime in on a few things.

    God calling people is a reality. God calls people to the priesthood, to marriage, to single or consecrated life. God calls people all the time.

    I agree on the “just” prayers, but also want to add the “that” prayers. “Lord, we pray for the soul of So-and So, that they….” which really limits what we are asking God. We are no longer asking God to do his will, but our own.

    For a concise list:
    1) WWJD
    2) “that” prayers
    3) “I am not Catholic, I’m Christian”

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